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We don't create videos for snackin'.

We create hearty, meaty videos that your viewers can chew into - savory videos that fill ‘em up and leave them wanting more. At Pendulum, we genuinely care about creating beautiful long-lasting content, no matter the type of video. We say it’s time for something better, smarter, and more creative: It’s time for something different.



We add zest to your commercial; we find great stories for your donor video; we create poppin’ music videos to fuel your social media; and we can make a short film about an avocado cooking competition for your brunch base. This is what full service video looks like.


For Businesses

We ask questions, research, find answers, then write write write. We put great story first; always. Then we consider things like drone shots and slow motion, but only if it makes sense to the story and the identity of your business. We want you to know that we’re here for you and not the most lit shot for our reel. In the end, you’ll be proud of the unique image we create for your business.

  • Brand Films

  • Explainer Videos

  • Commercials



For Denver Non-Profits

These are not back-burner videos. It’s important to Pendulum that we have a positive impact on our Denver community, so we choose to support the causes we believe through what we do best - video. We provide affordable video solutions for non-profits looking for grant, training, or explainer videos.



For Denver Artists

As artists ourselves, we like to support our fellow Denver artists. We want to highlight your work, profile your show, film your next music video, set you up for success, and - most importantly - COLLABORATE.

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We get it, you might not have made a video before. It may seem like a daunting task, and it can be, which is why you hire us. We use our extensive knowledge, experience, equipment, and creativity to make a video for you.

Pendulum invites you to check out our fully transparent and budget flexible process below.



J.D. Gonzales  | Founder & Director   Pendulum Productions LLC

J.D. Gonzales | Founder & Director

Pendulum Productions LLC

• Something different.

We start from scratch to figure out what makes your video unique. We ask, research, and answer questions such as What is the intent of the video? What are your competitors doing? How do we make it better, smarter, and more creative? Using this approach, we make videos that stand out and last longer in today’s ever changing video market.


• From Denver, For Denver.

If you want something different, you need a different perspective. We’re dedicated to supporting diversity in the arts and employing film contractors with various backgrounds. As a latino Denverite supporting local artists, the founder and Director of Pendulum is dedicated to empowering a crew that reflects Denver’s diverse communities.


• Highest Quality.

We don’t settle on low-quality, because your video is a reflection of your business. When your story, your camera work, and your editing is handled by industry professionals, you reflect a high-quality product or service to your customers. We’re ready to achieve that for you.

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Lorena Garcia US Senate Campaign
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Productions LLC

A full service video production company, based in Denver, helping businesses, non-profits, and artists get their stories professionally written, captured, and edited.

Mostly for web.

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